Analisi multitemporale delle relazioni tra parametri produttivi e indice di vegetazione in viticoltura

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[automatically translated] The effectiveness of agronomic interventions depend on the programming capacity in terms of time and intensity of intervention. Questultimi aspects can be calibrated by means of a proper knowledge of the productive and qualitative characteristics of the parametric field and their variability in time and space. The precision viticulture provides a valuable support to the definition of the field and temporal variability of parametric vegetative and productive. This paper summarizes two years of precision in Sicily, in consotte agronomic campaigns in 2012 and 2013 in two viticulture wine companies "Seals Rapitalà" and "Donnafugata." The normalized vegetation index, obtained from images in multispectral (Rapideye) acquired in the phases of fruit set, pre-veraison and ripening, It has been reported with some production parameters to the collection (sugars and total anthocyanins) in the Nero d'Avola cultivars bred in the counter. The work aims to highlight the strength of the link in the linear models of relationship between the vegetation index and production parametric and highlight: 1) the best time to capture images to be correlated with the production parameters to the collection ; 2) if the reports are significant between years, or require recalibration; 3) the transferability of space relations. The results confirm the three hypotheses under investigation for "sugar" parameter to the collection but not all "total anthocyanins." These results however show a possible use of predictive relationship models detected by satellite and the possibility of transferring into the space,
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Publication statusPublished - 2014

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