Giacomo Genna, Vito Genna

Research output: Other contribution


[automatically translated] Trapani and its territory are certainly an area of great value, highly suited to the promotion and implementation of tourism activities. There are, in fact, resources such as archaeological parks of extraordinary importance in the Mediterranean area, such as areas of Segesta and Selinunte; Moreover, in the territory they are located sites of international importance and great cultural importance, such as Erice, Gibellina, Mothia; still, there are a large number of old towns with valuable artistic and monumental heritage, as well as natural areas of particular beauty. Throughout the province is also peppered with a significant amount of buildings of great historical and architectural importance: in addition to the many rural farms, there are historic villas, mills, castles, towers, monasteries, which constitute a resource to be exploited properly in tourist optics. In spite of such a wealth of resources, the Trapani province suffers from a situation of geographical remoteness than the main European politicoeconomici references, which results in a subsequent economic marginalization. However, the potential of the area remain absolutely remarkable, and therefore require appropriate action at both the planning level that the concrete implementation of activities aimed at local development. In fact, the peculiarity of the available resources is such that, simply through a few but targeted measures and interventions, it could achieve significant results in terms of increased land value, and consequently trigger a global growth process covering all the local socio-economic fabric components. The situation of impasse prevailing in the Trapani area can be overcome by thinking and creating a model of the structure and the prospects for development that is both flexible and result of consultation, in order to rebalance the relationship between public authorities and private entities, as well to establish an integrated system of public-private planning in which the citizens are really partakers of choices, they can express themselves upstream of decisions and in which public power and private powers agree on the territorial choices. In particular, any project that wants to focus on tourism development in the cultural perspective of the province of Trapani has to ask some essential goals, such as equipping the territory with a monitoring system of the tourist-cultural sites, as well as provide local administrations with a pool of projects on tourism cultural. Very important it is also the identification and mapping of identity resources and tourist attractions in the cultural perspective in the area. Extremely useful may turn out to be the involvement of experts, both domestic and foreign, that can work together synergistically to the realization of a comprehensive design program, also aimed at identifying the major shortcomings of the local tourism system and the necessary countermeasures. This work was created on the basis of these considerations, with the objective of investigating about the means of promotion and development of tourism, and especially cultural tourism, in Trapani and its province. To this end, we will examine and evaluate the initiatives and activities carried out by the subjects operating on the territory, glancing about the prospects of cultural tourism development in an area, which is that of Trapani, which for too long has seen the their potential is not fully expressed.
Original languageItalian
Publication statusPublished - 2009

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