Analisi del romanzo "L'indecenza" di Elvira Seminara, Mondadori, 2008. Pubblicata sul sito "lo specchio di carta. Osservatorio sul romanzo italiano contemporaneo".

Research output: Other contribution


[automatically translated] It unfolds in ascending climax of the 'movement' narrative, the painful pedal that modulates, deep down, the compositional arrangement of Elvira Seminara novel, The indecency, (Mondadori 2008) .E'la offense physiognomy of a family microcosm, "a short and deformed trunk of happiness ", to incarnate in the expressive and linguistic choices of Elvira Seminara, who somatizzano the painful contraction of verbs and adjectives, iteration anaphoric descriptive dell'incedere, the movements of a contemporary tragedy.
Original languageItalian
Publication statusPublished - 2008

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