An IPMSM torque/weight and torque/moment of inertia ratio optimization

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In this paper, a torque/weight and torque/moment of inertia ratio optimization procedure for interior permanent magnet syncronous motors (IPMSMs) is presented. More in detail, a performance comparison between several IPMSM rotor structures has been carried out in order to determine the optimum geometry that can maximize the torque/weight and torque/moment of inertia ratios. A commercial motor, with known electrical and mechanical characteristics, has been taken as reference. Its rotor structure has been modified several times, obtaining different rotor geometries and, therefore, many IPMSM models with different electrical and mechanical characteristics. The finite element method (FEM) analysis of each IPMSMs has been performed using the software FEMM, allowing to determine the related torque/load-angle characteristics. From the comparison between the torque/load-angle characteristics of the different IPMSM structures, it can be stated that significant performance improvements can be obtained in dependence not only of the type of permanent magnets and their direction of magnetization, but also of the PM displacement within the rotor.
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