An equation to calculate the availability for the k-out-of-n system

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Reliability and availability (R&A) analyses are primary phases in managementof complex systems and play a fundamental role in products and servicesquality. Management of maintenance activities has to be basedon optimisation to simultaneously improve the operative conditions of thesystem. Maintenance optimization can be effeectivelypursued by the RCM (Reliability-centered maintenance) approach. Theauthors demonstrate the global improvement of R&A by applying the RCMto the results derived by the FMECA (Failure Modes Effects and CriticalityAnalysis). Many efforts have been made to improve traditional methodologiesof analysis, mainly tending to reduce the imprecision on data relatedto the occurrence of failures. Gargs underlines how to investigate the behavior ofa reparable system by using a combined measure of RAM (Reliability, Availabilityand Maintainability) R&A analyses help the analyst to improvethe operative conditions to achieve higher levels of technical and economicperformance. About industrial systems with reparable components, it is known that the more interesting parameterused to drive the maintenance management is the stationary availability(SA). The present research is to investigate this parameter for a k-out-of-n systemby suggesting a mathematical expression for the exact value of AS(n;k)
Original languageEnglish
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Publication statusPublished - 2016

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