An approach to the Venturi effect by historical instruments

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Student understanding of the laws that describe the flow of a fluid is often hampered by a defective knowledge of basic classical mechanics (kinematics, statics, dynamics, and conservation laws) and by wrong common-sense ideas about quantities related to fluids, such as velocity and pressure. A pedagogical discussion about the Venturi effect, based on experiments inspired by historical instruments, may be an effective way to introduce students to these laws. In this paper, we discuss an approach to the understanding of the Venturi effect based on the study of historical instruments and on simple experiments. In particular, after a presentation of the Venturi effect, also from a historical point of view, we illustrate some interesting applications, the Venturi meter, the Bunsen burner, the Venturi vacuum pump, and propose some simple experiments.
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JournalPhysics Education
Publication statusPublished - 2021

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