Aluminium sheet metal scrap recycling through friction consolidation

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In the last decades, several direct-recycling techniques have been developed and investigated in order to avoid material remelting, typical of the conventional aluminum alloys recycling processes. Moreover, the remelting step for aluminum recycling is affected by permanent material losses. Solid-state recycling processes have proven to be a suitable strategy to face such issues. Friction Consolidation is an innovative solid state-recycling technology developed for metal chips. During the process, a rotating die is plunged into a hollow chamber containing the material to be processed. The work of friction forces decaying into heat soften the material and, together with the stirring action of the die, enable solid bonding phenomena producing a consolidated metal disc. This technology has been successively applied to metal chips; in this paper, the feasibility of the process to recycle sheet metal scrap is investigated. The quality of the obtained billets is evaluated through morphological observation and hardness measurements.
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JournalProcedia Manufacturing
Publication statusPublished - 2019

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