Al cinema con papà

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[automatically translated] THE CINEMA WITH POPE 'The figure of the "father" in world cinema. The multimedia product is organized in a semiotic-analytic grids: BECOME FATHER (THE BECOMING) Fathers and sons, M. Monicelli, 1957 Flat pea, P. Del Monte, 1981 In Case of Adversity, C. Autant-Lara, 1958 FATHERS metaphorical ( MENTORS) Chariots of Fire, H. Hudson, 1988 Cinema Paradiso, G. Tornatore, 1988 The latest storm, P. Greenaway, 1988 The postman, M. Troisi, 1994 Dead Poets Society, P. Weir, 1989 The Kid , C. Chaplin, 1921 When you're born you can not hide, MT Giordana, 2005 The wild Child, F. Truffaut, 1969 S1m0ne, A. Niccol, 2001 Gomorrah, M. Garrone, 2008 FATHER FILM (FILM) The 36 apparitions Hitchcock Day for night, F. Truffaut, 1973 contempt, JL Godard, 1963 The 400 blows, Truffaut F., 1959 The jazz singer, A.
Original languageItalian
Publication statusPublished - 2008

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