Agro-morphological characterization of sicilian chili pepper accessions for ornamental purposes

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The species belonging to the genus Capsicum have been widely used as decorative vegetables, however only a few genotypes are available for this purpose. The goal of the present work was the agro-morphological characterization of several chili pepper accessions cultivated into different pot sizes (10, 14, 18 or 20 cm diameters). The agro-morphological characterization of 19 accessions was performed following IPGR (International Plant Genetic Resources Institute) descriptors: plant height (PH), plant canopy width (PCW), PH/PCW ratio, plant growth habit, plant visual quality, first flower emission, fruiting start, end of harvest, fruit number, fruit length, fruit width, fruit color at mature stage and fruit shape. Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) for all observed traits showed statistical significant differences among the genotypes tested. Results of the heat map complementarily secured the frequency of multiplicity highlighted from the ANOVA analysis. Furthermore, the present study pointed out that A33, A27, G1 and A1 chili pepper accessions achieved optimal performances in terms of plant visual quality, which is a crucial trait for ornamental purposes.
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