AG FRONZONI,一個字母片段包含整個世界 / AG FRONZONI, a fragment of letter contains the whole world

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A G Fronzoni has always swum away from the herd, as an enormous cetacean he has crossed alone the oceans, like a solitary explorer who wants to put his capabilities to test , and he knows that first of all he can count on his own courage, in addition to the essential equipment. The same he has gone through the endless and livid glaciers, where like the esquimese people he has learned how to recognize the so many hues of white, and to name each of them in a different way, or of black which contains all colours. Total black as the night which falling implacable swallows up every element , including that expanse of white which bending upward dissolves every break, becoming all one and the same with the polar sky, white as the same frozen surface which bleaching the black of night, from deep raven to pale grey, cancels temporarily its memory. The striking duel which never sees an absolute winner shapes up again in this way, black and white keep on facing each other like ancient rivals, aware of the fact that they can wound each other to death, but that they can’t live without the other, in the opposition which well describes one of the main mysteries linked to the alternation of light and darkness.
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Publication statusPublished - 2009

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