Adrano, Efesto e i Palici. Culti, interazioni etniche e middle ground nella Sicilia antica

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[automatically translated] Foreigners or natives who were (εἴτε εἶεν ξένοι εἴτε ἐπιχώριοι), those which approached the shrines of Palici, Adrano and Hephaestus took a receptive and confident attitude, the effect of a "macroretorica" strategy that offered forms of settlement and mediation a common framework of conflict between individuals and groups. In this volume, the use of the interpretative model of the middle ground and the cultural concept of "porosity" shows that it is the indigenous community and the Greek ones are redefined in different ways in different spatial and temporal contexts and adapted their identity structure to various circumstances from the point of view of a "cultural ecology", the space in which they operated the indigenous reality and greek-siceliote those was inevitably shared.
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Number of pages125
Publication statusPublished - 2015

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