Ad infantes terrendos. Sortilegi e disordine metamorfico nell'immaginario mitico greco sull'infanzia

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[automatically translated] Le Lamie, the Empuse, and other lesser-known figures like Ephialtes, Mormo, Gello belong to that representative space centered on the mask, the vehicle of a radically other power which refers to itself: are not specifically either myth or fairy tale, however, express a powerful energy legislation aimed at integrating the social order constituted. In their capacity as horridae mulieres are figures instability and hidden risks in each standard shared, exposed to the uncertainty of daily figures, the failure induced by seduction, to endless learning more balanced rules between memory of the past and related changes to the future. Nurturing a space for sharing and dialogue, although disturbing and repressive, between children and adults, allowed to every 's end ages and at every stage of life an important form of "social conversation", an aggregative relationship oriented to the incorporation and cohesion. The antimorfico universe of Lamie, of Empuse and other figures of the prescriptive and censorship curtain paradoxically to produce form through a symbolic delimitation process: storytellers and audience in the greek world were confronted with the abyss dimension of listening to stories that we can define threshold.
Original languageItalian
Number of pages19
Publication statusPublished - 2008

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