Accuracy and reliability in GNSS NRTK

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The work shows the results of testingconducted from 2008 to 2009 within theNetwork-based RTK GNSS of University ofPalermo. The network is composed of eightContinuously Operating Reference Stations(CORS) located in western Sicily and managedby a Control Centre located at theDipartimento di Rappresentazione (DIRAP) ofUniversity of Palermo. The main goal of thework is to verify the reliability of the CORSnetwork (successful tests, failed initializationtime, satellite configurations) and the accuracyof measurements positioning using VRS, FKPand Nearest Station techniques. The reliabilitywas considered the probability that theoperator can correctly determine its positionwithin the CORS network, depending on themethod of calculation used in surveysconducted in different areas and in differentdays. Accuracy was determined by comparingthe coordinates of several points calculated inpost-processing and NRTK surveys.
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Publication statusPublished - 2009


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