Abnormal liver function in brucellosis

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[automatically translated] We assessed the prevalence of impaired liver function in 47 patients suffering from brucellosis consecutively Admitted to our department over the last five years. Parameters of liver function and ultrasound of the upper abdomen were performed at entry and at the end of treatment. On admission, mean transaminase values were elevated and Significantly higher than at recovery (p 0001): 38 percent and 53 percent of patients had elevated baseline values of GOT and GPT vs 13 and 19% at the end of treatment, rispettivamente. Mean values of serum alkaline phosphatase (AP) were Within normal limits on admission, 12 of them Although in serum values were elevated. The same proportion was seen for gamma-glutamyltranspeptidase. Both AP and transaminases were elevated in 8 patients (17 percent). There were no significant differences in serum values of albumin and bilirubin before and after therapy. The platelet count decreased At slightly, but not Significantly, During the acute phase of disease. Ultrasound at one third of the patients Showed hepatomegaly with a hepatitis-like pattern and 40 percent of patients had splenomegaly. In conclusion, this study Confirms data in the literature showing a high frequency of liver impairment During the course of brucellosis, Which is usually you mild-moderate.
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