A system for wide area travellers to provide infomobility services

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SWATHE (System for Wide Area Travellers and Haulers to provide infomobility sErvices) is a project funded by the Italian Ministry of Scientific and Technological Research (MIUR). The project, was led by Telespazio and the University of Palermo, it had a duration of three years and the main objective was the study and development of applications based on innovative location techniques (e.g. supported by GPS, EGNOS-TRAN and more, generally, by assisted network systems) for the provision ofinfomobility services in the framework of the intermodal transportation of goods.The SWATHE project manages the change among transport modes by the seamlessmonitoring of intermodal transport units.The project was focused on the development of a platform aimed to:- improve the efficiency of the intermodal transport;- improve the road safety of network, minimizing the risks of endangering human life andthe environmental impact in case of accidents, by the planning in real time hazardousmaterials routes.SWATHE operates a pilot demonstration over an Italian area specific for the freighttransportation.Finally, in the paper the main outcomes of the system experimentation are presented.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages10
Publication statusPublished - 2008

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