A simple method to treat post-kydney transplantation lymphocele

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OBJECTIVE: To describe our experience with ultrasonic-guided instillation of povidone-iodine to treat post-kidney transplantation lymphocele. Patients and methods. We studied the safety and efficacy of this procedure for treatment of lymphocele in 6 male kidney transplanted recipients in which we assisted a progressive increase of creatinine and urinary proteins levels and color-Doppler ultrasonography demonstrated an increase (25,4%) of index of resistence (IR) Using eco-colorDoppler, the related-graft lymphocele location and the distance to the anterior abdominal wall were determined; then, a radiopaque double-lumen catheter was used to instillate 5% povidone-iodine 10 ml. Results. Percutaneous drainage achieved a resolution rate of 100%. Studying the rate of peripheral and internal vascularization of the kidney before and after treatment, eco-colorDoppler showed a significant decrease of the IR (24,6%). Conclusions. The US-guided povidone-iodine instillation for treatment of lymphocele following renal transplantation may be considered as first choice therapy in such disease.
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