A review of thermochemical energy storage systems for power grid support

Francesco Guarino, Maurizio Cellura, Girolama Airo' Farulla, Marco Ferraro, Maurizio Cellura

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Power systems in the future are expected to be characterized by an increasing penetration of renewable energy sources systems. To achieve the ambitious goals of the "clean energy transition", energy storage is a key factor, needed in power system design and operation as well as power-to-heat, allowing more flexibility linking the power networks and the heating/cooling demands. Thermochemical systems coupled to power-to-heat are receiving an increasing attention due to their better performance in comparison with sensible and latent heat storage technologies, in particular, in terms of storage time dynamics and energy density. In this work, a comprehensive review of the state of art of theoretical, experimental and numerical studies available in literature on thermochemical thermal energy storage systems and their use in power-to-heat applications is presented with a focus on applications with renewable energy sources. The paper shows that a series of advantages such as additional flexibility, load management, power quality, continuous power supply and a better use of variable renewable energy sources could be crucial elements to increase the commercial profitability of these storage systems. Moreover, specific challenges, i.e., life span and stability of storage material and high cost of power-to-heat/thermochemical systems must be taken in consideration to increase the technology readiness level of this emerging concept of energy systems integration.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)3142-
Number of pages35
Publication statusPublished - 2020

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