A novel α-amylase-lipase formulation as anti-staling agent in durum wheat bread

Virgilio Giannone, Virgilio Giannone, Lucrezia Auditore, Maria Rosaria Lauro, Antonella Pasqualone, Giovanni Puglisi, Alfio Spina, Ivana Puglisi

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The aim of this work has been to evaluate the anti-staling effect exerted by a novel a-amylase-lipaseenzyme formulation on durum wheat bread, in comparison with four different commercial amylasepreparations and with control without added enzymes. Bread-making trials were carried out at industriallevel. Sliced bread, packed under modified atmosphere, was analyzed for texture profile, moisturecontent, and water activity during 90 days. Crumb sections were submitted to environmental scanningelectron microscopy at the end of the storage period. The a-amylase-lipase enzyme preparation showedsynergistic interactions in preventing staling. In particular, bread added of these two enzymes in mixturewas always softer and more chewable than either control or samples added of other enzymes. Moreover,a-amylase-lipase exhibited the most marked effect in slowing down both hardening and chewinesschanges during time. Starting from 7 days of storage, both water activity and moisture content of breadadded of a-amylase-lipase were higher than in control. Starting from 68 days the moisture content of aamylase-lipase-added bread became lower than that of other enzyme-added breads, and at the end ofstorage also water activity was significantly lower. Pore morphology of a-amylase-lipase-added breadappeared markedly different from that of control bread
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)381-389
Number of pages9
Publication statusPublished - 2016

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    Giannone, V., Giannone, V., Auditore, L., Lauro, M. R., Pasqualone, A., Puglisi, G., Spina, A., & Puglisi, I. (2016). A novel α-amylase-lipase formulation as anti-staling agent in durum wheat bread. LEBENSMITTEL-WISSENSCHAFT + TECHNOLOGIE, 81, 381-389.