A non-hydrostatic pressure distribution solver for the nonlinear shallow water equations over irregular topography

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We extend a recently proposed 2D depth-integrated Finite Volume solver for the nonlinear shallow wa- ter equations with non-hydrostatic pressure distribution. The proposed model is aimed at simulating both nonlinear and dispersive shallow water processes. We split the total pressure into its hydrostatic and dy- namic components and solve a hydrostatic problem and a non-hydrostatic problem sequentially, in the framework of a fractional time step procedure. The dispersive properties are achieved by incorporating the non-hydrostatic pressure component in the governing equations. The governing equations are the depth-integrated continuity equation and the depth-integrated momentum equations along the x, y and z directions. Unlike the previous non-hydrostatic shallow water solver, in the z momentum equation, we retain both the vertical local and convective acceleration terms. In the former solver, we keep only the local vertical acceleration term. In this paper, we investigate the effects of these convective terms and the possible improvements of the computed solution when these terms are not neglected in the governing equations, especially in strongly nonlinear processes. The presence of the convective terms in the verti- cal momentum equation leads to a numerical solution procedure, which is quite different from the one of the previous solver, in both the hydrostatic and dynamic steps. We discretize the spatial domain us- ing unstructured triangular meshes satisfying the Generalized Delaunay property. The numerical solver is shock capturing and easily addresses wetting/drying problems, without any additional equation to solve at wet/dry interfaces. We present several numerical applications for challenging flooding processes en- countered in practical aspects over irregular topography, including a new set of experiments carried out at the Hydraulics Laboratory of the University of Palermo.
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JournalAdvances in Water Resources
Publication statusPublished - 2016

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