A new species of Bolbelasmus Boucomont, 1911 (Insecta Coleoptera Geotrupidae) from Sicily (Italy).

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Authors have examined all available sicilian specimens belonging to the genus Bolbelasmus, collected between 1893 and 2010, previously identified as B. gallicus e B. unicornis. They conclude that both species have to be excluded from the sicilian fauna and describe the new species B. romanorum, which is characterized by peculiar punctures on the clypeus, the head and the pronotum, and by the shape of the clypeus, the head and the aedeagus sclerites. They compare the new species with all the taxa currently known in the Mediterranean. Further, they show oscillograms of both sexes of the new species, which, as other Bolbelasmus, stridulates vigorously; they also detect for the first time the pars stridens, consisting in a series of small bristles on the lower outer border of wings; the insect emits its sound moving actively the abdomen, the friction of the wing on the first abdominal tergite, particularly swollen, produces the stridulation.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)401-414
Publication statusPublished - 2010


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