A Microstructural Model for Micro-Cracking in Piezoceramics

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Piezoelectric ceramics are employed in several applications for their capability to couplemechanical and electrical fields, which can be advantageously exploited for the implementation ofsmart functionalities. The electromechanical coupling, which can be employed for fast accuratemicro-positioning devices, makes such materials suitable for application in micro electromechanicalsystems (MEMS). However, due to their brittleness, piezoceramics can develop damageleading to initiation of micro-cracks, affecting the performance of the material in general and themicro-devices in particular. For such reasons, the development of accurate and robust numericaltools is an important asset for the design of such systems. The most popular numerical method forthe analysis of micro-mechanical multi-physics problems, still in a continuum mechanics setting, isthe Finite Element Method (FEM). Here we propose an alternative integral formulation for thegrain-scale analysis of degradation and failure in polycrystalline piezoceramics. The formulation isdeveloped for 3D aggregates and inter-granular failure is modelled through generalised cohesivelaws.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages7
Publication statusPublished - 2018

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