A colloquio con Gaspare Spatuzza. Un racconto di vita, una storia di stragi

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[automatically translated] There is a period in the history of our country that we could tell how was the moment the gates are open. This were the mafia massacres of the early nineties, with the deaths and destruction caused by the attack to the State by the Cosa Nostra and other occult powers. It is narrated and investigate events in so many ways. The novelty of this study is the way, the path through which the reader can explore the daily life of the Cosa Nostra, the living hell that - after trying to make war with the State - still burning human lives, keeps under the yoke entire neighborhoods , city, national and international economies. The book is the story of long conversations with Gaspare Spatuzza, honorable man of the Brancaccio family, one of the "devils" who decided to escape from hell, trying to chiuderne the doors behind him and now agree to undertake a long narrative journey that is also personal catharsis, social commentary and the arduous search for a new dimension of life. The story of Spatuzza is that of a young suburban Palermo attracted and co-opted by the Cosa Nostra for which he shared a long logic and ruthless cruelty, becoming ruler of the district of Brancaccio Mafia and carving out a prominent place in the late nineties massacres; but it is also - after his arrest - that of resolutely associate justice that involves delicate political responsibility and that calls into question the procedural system of three judicial procedures, eliminating work thirteen years of prosecutors and investigators. Gaspare Spatuzza, finally, It is also the star of a suffering religious conversion, convinced that we must atone for their sins, asking for forgiveness from the victims of his cruelty. "With the pain you learn" recalls Aeschylus in dell'Agamennone choir. And a pain not only personal but also historic and "epoch-making" the book is testimony and memory. A pain that today - after more than twenty years by the massacres - is fueled by an additional element, the "offense of the truth" betrayed by the lies, the false paths of inquiry, from trivial simplifications for the audience of non-experts . This pain - in the book - it becomes knowledge and exploration tool; lucid and unforgiving device to expose contradictions and lies, to relive traumatic experiences and give expression to experiences,
Original languageItalian
PublisherIl Mulino
Number of pages307
ISBN (Print)978-88-15-26524-1
Publication statusPublished - 2016

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