"È tempo di rimedii per le conscienze, per il Stato e per le regalie". Giacomo Longo, giudice della Regia Monarchia di Sicilia negli anni della dominazione sabauda

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[automatically translated] The Savoy dynasty when he took office in the Kingdom of Sicily "inherited" a heavy dispute with the Apostolic See, just burst a few years before and known to history as "liparitana dispute". The conflict concerned the particular ecclesiastical jurisdiction, only Catholic Europe, enjoyed by the Kingdom rulers, descended from the ancient privilege of Apostolic legation and operating through the Court of the Royal Monarchy. The paper aims to reconstruct the meaning of religious and cultural turning point of which that conflict was loaded in the intentions and actions of one of the closest collaborators of the Piedmontese government in the island, the jurist and scholar from Messina Giacomo Longo (1658-1738).
Original languageItalian
Number of pages29
Publication statusPublished - 2013

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