«Napoli a occhio nudo» di Fucini e la nazionalizzazionedi un universo discorsivo ‘orientalizzante’ sul Mezzogiorno

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[automatically translated] Analyzing Naples to the naked eye by Renato Fucini, making dialogue the rhetorical-discursive strategies that build the image in the text of Naples with the debate on the processes of 'orientalization' of the South. If by 'Orientalism' it can be understood "the distribute of a geopolitical awareness within a set of poems, scholarly, economic, sociological, historiographical and philological" (E. Said), then it may make sense to ask "how and when Italy Southern has become "the South", a place and a people imagined different [...]; a feudal remnants tank, laziness and squalor on the one hand, of picturesque peasants, folk customs and other exotic '(No Moe). The post-unification Italian literature on the South is taken into consideration, then,
Original languageItalian
Title of host publicationI cantieri dell'Italianistica. Ricerca, didattica e organizzazione agli inizi del XXI secolo. Atti del XVII congresso dell'ADI – Associazione degli Italianisti (Roma Sapienza, 18-21 settembre 2013)
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Publication statusPublished - 2013

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