“L'uomo è intelligente perché ha le mani”

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[automatically translated] The foresight of a CoRI project did live to forty students from the University of Palermo the enthusiasm of a laboratory of stereotomy. Such experience retorted, in the spaces of the Department of Architecture, as already tested with extreme competence and as successful by the professor José Carlos Gonzalo Palacios in his courses at the Universidad The same Palacios, along with other teachers of the Department, have led some students, the courses in Architecture and Building Engineering, reconstruction, scale 1: 2, the time to five keys of the church of Santa Maria della Catena Palermo. Leaving aside all the steps regarding the choice of materials, tools and essential preparatory drawings, it stresses above all the action that this "opportunity" teaching has had on youth training. In fact, for once, it has bridged the gap between design and implementation admirably described by Giulio Carlo Argan. The student "getting his hands dirty" has shaped the architecture of the time through the construction of the individual segments. It insists on the design value of the shipyard, not confusing it with a mere reconstruction, because apparently, the final outcome of the workshop is known a priori. In laboratory stereotomy everything seems to be reduced to a certain path strengthened by the comforting presence of the ribs, but, for example, there is the unknown factor of the collapse. Replace the pencil with the warm it pello and paper with the stone carries risks that have a very different evidence, than those that teachers and pupils run normally in the classrooms. The challenge of teaching and of learning becomes more compelling, more engaging but undoubtedly also the most risky. Relive and recognize the construction of architecture as a collective act was the effect of the induced stereotomy workshop that succeeded, although for a few weeks, to break the boundaries of a specialist Grounds and donate at the same an urban identity.
Original languageItalian
Title of host publicationCostruire in pietra. Pratica e storia
Number of pages2
Publication statusPublished - 2016

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