“Le vol des âmes. Poïétique du vent dans Si j’étais vous... et Minuit”

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[automatically translated] With its invisible nature, his movement and his inconsistency wind acquired in the work of the Green term eidolo motor function used by Knight to notice the dual representative and effective aspect of the symbol. Indeed the wind greenienne involved in the construction work of the dream real because it is also the voice of the invisible world and the manifestation of the unconscious. intangible material that occupies the space between heaven and earth, between the visible and the invisible, both a dream symbol, cosmic, divine, and demonology in theological Midnight and If I were you wind translates voltage greenien character between body and mind.
Original languageFrench
Title of host publicationPratiques de l’imaginaire dans l’œuvre de Julien Green
Number of pages11
Publication statusPublished - 2015

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NameVertige de la langue

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