“Dirsi lesbica oggi? Lesbofobia nei media italiani tra indicibilità e invisibilità”

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[automatically translated] If historically lesbians were almost entirely absent, pathologized and marginalized in public discourse representation, in more recent times there has been their increased presence on TV and in widely circulated magazines. In the last ten years they have in fact gone several novels and movies that include relationships between women. However, this increased visibility has not led to greater speakability lesbian identity, since the relationships between women continue to be associated with pathological behaviors, disease and other forms of degradation; Moreover, their relationships are almost always on time to fail. At the same time, in recent times some female media personalities who are in a relationship with other women have finally begun to develop a certain level of openness about their sexuality. But in many cases they refuse to be defined and to be called 'lesbians'. This is because we have gone beyond the identity labels? Or is it a form of internalized lesbofobia that is actualized in the linguistic denial that in turn becomes a form of self-denial of identity? In any case, it's a constantly growing phenomenon, indicating that the term 'lesbian' ports with him still a strong social-cultural stigma, as well as strictly linguistic. In this article I explore these issues in relation to the evolution of the figure of the lesbian cinema, literature and contemporary media.
Original languageItalian
Title of host publicationDonne+Donne. Prima, attraverso e dopo il Pride
Number of pages26
Publication statusPublished - 2014

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