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Project DESERT-ADAPT aims to contribute to the EU climate policy priority of “Climate ChangeAdaptation” and to a lesser extent to priority “Climate Change Mitigation”. The Main objective, in linewith Climate Change Adaption, is to demonstrate innovative adaption technologies with regards to landuse, soil conservation and plant support. These are combined into “Desertification AdaptationModels’’ (DAM)’’, specifically designed to counter aridification and subsequent land desertification in3 regions of Europe. These systems are taking into account climate change variables and multiplelevels of structural and functional complexity of the landscape, to optimize resilience to local drivers ofclimate change. An overall integrative ecosystem approach is taken, to ensure that climate changeadaptation targets are combined with improved ecosystem functions (e.g. carbon sequestration, waterretention, biodiversity) and improved socioeconomic development. The introduced climate-resilientland use systems will also contribute to the EU policy priority of “Climate Change Mitigation”. Throughrecovery of vulnerable and desertified land areas, overall carbon sequestration is increased, in the soiland in above ground vegetation. Furthermore, introduced land use techniques result in lower net GHGemissions and thus a lower carbon footprint of produced products. This is further achieved by realizingshort supply chains, by developing commercialization channels to nearby populations for food andother land products. The second project objective is aligned with the EU Adaption Strategy objective ofimproving the knowledge base for better informed decision making on adaptation. This entails a rangeof methods and tools to ensure that the lessons learned from the land use demonstrations becomeavailable for replication purposes. In short, this project has 2 objectives:Demonstrating innovative adaptation technologies, i.e. Desertification Adaptation Models’, in 3E.U. regions already affected by climate change, developed for site-specific conditions andopportunities, contributing to improved socioeconomic development and benefits for biodiversity andenvironment.Promoting and replicating the developed DAM systems among a variety of stakeholders,particularly local farmers seeking socioeconomic opportunities from climate resilient and profitableland use and policy makers, to help enable replication and upscaling in the project regions and beyond.The project will be implemented in the following Member State(s) and Region(s) or othercountries:Italy: SiciliaPortugal: AlentejoSpain: Extremadura

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Ambiente e cambiamento climatico
Effective start/end date9/1/179/1/22