Caratteri dell'architettura regionale in area siciliana. Aspetti materiali, tecnici, formali e tipologici della tradizione costruttiva.

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TARGET The research would systematically analyze in the Western Sicily area the most important aspects of the traditional architecture, intended as a whole of elements brought by the constructive tradition, able to describe a regional context, regulating the architectural development in a sustainability direction. We’ll individualize that parameters able to define the historical and regional housebuilding characters, as typological models, environmental specificities, materials and constructive techniques, both of urban and extra-urban buildings, for recognize and identify recurrences, differences, originalities and analogies. The knowledge and analysis phases, consolidated in the relationships among different aspects and elements, could become some guidelines for recovery interventions, for the new buildings realization and also in the individualization of recurrent correlations in every typological model, that can be translated in constructive rules for the evaluation of its sustainability and compatibility character, for appraise the qualitative levels of traditional architecture. The research will analyze, besides, in the optic of typological and morphological aspects, some meaning parts of cities and great and small urban centres, underlining the fundamental role that the traditional architecture permanence develops, as monumental architecture does, in the historical centres "design" and qualification in the actual program of urban revaluation and development promoted by the town-planning and restoration interventions. The permanence of the materical, technological and formal values proposed by Regional Architecture prefigures itself like an alternative to the city areas sub-urbanization and globalization, basing on a strong local tradition and on consolidated architectural characters; in this sense, it contrasted with the uniformity based on presumed criteria applied apart from time and place.
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