CALYPSO-HF Radar Monitoring System Follow On

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Azioni aggiuntive e coerenti progetto Calypso - CALYPSO FO OutlineCALYPSO FO is a 6-month intensive project which builds on the achievements of the previous, successful CALYPSO project. It is expected to deliver a more robust HF radar monitoring system of sea surface currents in the Malta Channel with the installation of an additional radar on the Sicilian side. The partnership comprises one Maltese partner, the Physical Oceanography Research Group from the University of Malta, and four Sicilian partners: University of Palermo (Polo Territoriale Universitario della Provincia di Trapani), L'Istituto per l'Ambiente Marino Costiero del Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (IAMC-CNR), University of Catania (CUTGANA) and ARPA SICILIA (Agenzia Regionale per la Protezione dell’Ambiente). Coast guards, civil protection organisations and local environmental protection agencies in both Malta and Sicily stand to benefit from this new technology, as will companies managing oil extraction platforms and tourist organisations reliant on unspoilt coastlines and safer maritime transportation. The CALYPSO data is shedding new insights on the dynamics of the sea in this part of the Mediterranean, leading to research efforts also related to improved forecasting of the marine environment, protection from oil spills, search and rescue, and fisheries.

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Effective start/end date5/14/1511/14/15