Auto-Immune Diseases early detection in the MEDiterranean

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Auto-Immune diseases are pathologies due to Immunity System alterations. These can affect people of all the age and sex with a major incidence among the women of childbearing age. Indirect Immune-Fluorescence (IIF) is the gold standard in the diagnosis of autoimmune diseases and it is yet the most useful technique for its sensibility, reproducibility and easiness of implementation. A disadvantage of IIF is its subjectivity in the interpretation of results, strictly depending on user experience. As in the radiological diagnosis, the reading of a sample by two different observers is strong recommended to reduce the probability of a wrong diagnosis. The introduction of new and modern approaches based on Information Technology Systems will be a cheaper support in the diagnosis of autoimmune diseases. The goals of the project are: technology, knowledge and training support in the early diagnosis of Auto-Immune diseases; technology andknowledge support for the implementation and acquisition of a Database with Indirect Immune-Fluorescence report data test (IIF); epidemiological studies about Auto-Immune diseases among neighbouring but different regions. Working on both similar and different neighbouring areas, such as the and Sicily, will allow important and unique epidemiological studies and simple studies compared to the logistical point of view. In particular, the project provides: installation of IIF test advanced systems, in Sicily, Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria hospitals; cooperation progress in research, training on Medical Imaging and on Auto-Immunity

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